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Hunt Fabrications

Here are some of our frequently asked questions

Can custom orders or personalized items be returned?

No. Custom orders and personalized items are each created one at a time per
your specifications — therefore we cannot accept returns on personalized or
custom items. We are all human, so if WE make a mistake regarding the
customization or personalization info (i.e. spelling of name, color, font, etc.…)
as specified with your order, you must notify us immediately (within 24 hours)
of delivery (as confirmed by tracking) and we will take the necessary steps to
correct the problem.

How long does it take to receive my piece?

Stock designs 1-2 weeks once items are paid for and custom items 2-3 weeks
once items are paid for. Orders are shipped via UPS ground or USPS. Normal
shipping time varies between 1 to 4 days based on your location. Tracking info
will be provided, if it has been longer than we told you and you don't have
tracking info, please contact us. Please note design/production will not begin until we receive payment.

How do I pay for my items?

We will email you an invoice via PayPal, where you can pay via your PayPal
account or there is a link below to pay by debit/credit card if you do not have a
PayPal account. Other Payment options are Venmo and CashApp.

I need a custom order; can you do that?

ABSOLUTLEY!! That’s our specialty, we enjoy taking your picture/drawing/sketch
and recreating it into your one of a kind piece! Keep in mind the design time cost
will vary depending on the complexity of the design.

Will I get to approve my design before it is cut?

Heck yeah, we want you to ensure we didn’t miss spell a name or date therefore
all designs will require approval before being cut. You will be involved in the
whole process.

How the heck do I hang this thing?

You have a couple of options, you can utilize the existing holes/blank space on
the piece, or you can request to have specific hole or hanging brackets deigned
into the piece, just let us know up front!

Who makes it and where is it made?

We are a family team. We do the designs, labor, cutting, grinding and powder
coating at our shop in Ft Worth, TX. Everything is 100% MADE IN TEXAS.

Is there a warranty on the LED lights?

If your lights stop working, we will warranty natural issues with the lights for 6
months. There is a battery in the remote that we ask you try to replace before
going into panic mode. Tampering with the lights will void warranty.

Is there a sales Tax?

Yes, as with everything we buy unfortunately we have to pay tax on it.
However, no sales tax is charged on any item shipped outside of Texas.

If I change my mind can I cancel an order?

Depends on where we are in the process. There will be a cancellation fee
depending on how far along we are with your product.

How thick is the metal used?

Typically, on the art pieces we try to use 16-gauge steel because that still
allows the piece to be sturdy enough for outdoor use but also light enough for
indoor use. On other projects, metal thickness will vary based on your
needs/requests, however there will be a cost associated with different metal
selection. Please keep in mind that there may be some sharp edges because
we are using quality steel, so we are not responsible for any injuries caused.
Please just use caution when handling.


Each sign is custom and unique. There could be slight imperfections from the cutting, cleaning and powder coating process. Please contact us if you are not completely satisfied with your finished product.

Thank you for shopping with Hunt Fabrications and supporting our small business!!